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The VHAS investigates exposure to armed conflict during the Vietnam War and the health and aging of Vietnamese war survivors

VHAS is a longitudinal study that combines an omnibus survey with biomarker collection. For a complete description of study methodology see:


Study Documentation

The survey was administered in face-to-face interviews and included modules detailing war and military service experiences; warzone stressors; and multiple dimensions of health such as chronic disease, functional limitation, disability, health behaviors, cognition, and psychological health; chronic and major life event stressors; and family and social relationships. See below for the complete text of the survey. 

Biomarker data collected for the full VHAS sample includes anthropometric and functional tests such as:

  • grip strength and blood pressure
  • hair samples for cortisol assay
  • capillary blood samples to assay C-reactive protein
  • cholesterol
  • HbA1c
  • other markers of interest for cardiovascular and other disease risks

All to construct a composite measure of physiological age.



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Last Updated: 9/21/23